Welnys helps benefits teams maximize employee satisfaction by offering the largest online marketplace for on-site and virtual wellness programs nationwide and video programs worldwide. Keeping employees well in and out of the office is at the core of Welnys’s mission.

There are four things employers with wellness programs struggle with:

Providing options for remote or global employees;
Finding quality, vetted providers;
Finding the time to run programming in multiple offices;
And tracking utilization company-wide.

Imagine a typical employer with multiple offices in New York, Austin, and San Francisco, plus remote employees across the country. How much time and energy are wasted trying to find vetted options for each location and coordinating the details, including contracting, scheduling, and billing? That’s where Welnys comes in as a single source to handle all of the details.

Welnys provides solutions for in-person programming, video programming, and live webinars, specific to the unique needs of each organization.

Welnys gives companies of any size access to over 5,000 vetted vendors, offering services ranging from ergonomics for the office, flu shots, managing stress, and everything there is to know about student loan debt, to name just a few.

In addition . . . Welnys TV provides video health content anytime and anywhere for your employees to access.

Finally, the providers for both Welnys In-Person and Welnys TV are available for live webinars upon request. Whatever you are looking for, Welnys has an option to deliver that content.

Here are over a dozen examples of the types of content available on the platform including fitness classes, work from home ergonomics, covid testing, flu shots, nutrition, managing stress, communication workshops, mindfulness and meditations, massage, financial wellness, yoga, and conflict resolution.

Most importantly, they make it easy to implement, manage, and measure these types of programs. How does Welnys do that?

A personal Welnys concierge that is your single point of contact.
Access to their booking and analytics software.
Access to over 5,000 vetted providers.
Streamlined billing
Templated marketing materials
And streamlined onboarding.

Most importantly, they have a track record of success with clients in a wide variety of industries. Welnys is a great fit for groups of any size and thanks for watching. Have a fantastic day!

Duration: 02:29

Posted: Monday, October 26, 2020

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