Partners MGU

We built our business around a simple philosophy as it relates to stop-loss: create strong producer partnerships through transparency, customer service and innovation.


What is Partners MGU?

Chris, Partners is a medical stock loss provider that's devoted to creating and supporting solutions for the self-funded marketplace. We started in 2016 and created a group of professionals that through our entrepreneurial pedigree can offer progressive forward thinking approaches to our producer relationships. We're a full service provider that touts experienced underwriting staff that averages 20 years of experience to our executive team that allows direct access. We collect premiums, pay claims, and offer clinical risk management services. We also possess significant analytics capabilities in the area of risk selection and block of business analysis. We utilize two A rated carriers, offer most standard features like spec advance of aggregate accommodation of terminal liability and so forth. But it's through our relationships that we've been able to become the leading stop loss managing general underwriters in the country with more than 100 million premium under management.

How is Partners MGU different?

Well, Chris, the stop loss or I should say stop loss in general by many is considered a commoditized product with price being the only denominator without any consideration for policy, features, service and other benefits. Well, this practice can create potential problems in the future. We ask our producers to consider a total cost of ownership approach. This consists of three things. The first being rate stability. Our experienced underwriting professionals are adept at finding the right rate to avoid the highs and lows that many self-funded plans experience so that when challenging years do come, there's enough rate cushion to avoid huge increases and provide fair renewals. The second is service consistency. We reimburse claims anywhere from three to 10 days and provide additional value through our clinical risk management unit that offers claim review services and partnerships with cutting edge management, cost management vendors. The third is risk selection and analytics. We have created a proprietary system where we can utilize loss ratio information, provide insight on how we look at, manage and apply risk to provide producers with meaningful information to share with their clients.

Who is a good fit for Partners MGU?

Three things. One, a producer, which I define as a TPA broker consultant that shops your stop loss exclusively. The second is the belief of the producer that the value that we offer through our model creates value for them and their clients. And, third, a willingness to communicate through the sharing of business intelligence like concise claims data and competitive feedback to provide the best pricing possible.

Duration: 02:49

Posted: Friday, November 18, 2022

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