Vitori Health

A comprehensive, fully integrated, next-generation employee health plan built from the ground up with remarkable member support and 30% savings over legacy health insurers. Easy, peasy, lemon squeezy.


What is Vitori Health?

Vitori Health is a seamlessly integrated comprehensive next generation health plan meant to address the financial and service challenges in the legacy insurance carrier health plan arena as well as the old school reference-based pricing challenges that we're seeing in the marketplace today.

How is Vitori Health different?

It's radically different because we built it from the bottom up. We knew we had to revisit claims payment across the board and member service. So we weren't going to use existing legacy system components or legacy system economics. We implemented a radically different way to pay claims including prepayment, fraud, waste and abuse technology, to make sure a dollar going out the door should be paid. We have our fair market payment proprietary algorithm for determining alternative reimbursement meaning we don't pay discounts off price blind billing, that is a dimmer switch rather than an on off switch, like traditional RBP repricing. Along with direct contracts. and we radically overhauled pharmacy. We pay rebates monthly. We use a comparative effectiveness formulary, we build in financial assistance without charging and we have patented pricing technology to drive the lowest net cost. PLUS A $1M CLAIMS GUARANTEE.

Who is a good fit for Vitori Health?

Any employer health plan sponsor and advisor that's looking to drive competitive advantage by reducing overspending on healthcare costs would be a great fit for us, self-insured or self insurable employers and those that realize they could do more across the board for their company if they had some freed up money from overspending on healthcare.

Duration: 02:11

Posted: Monday, May 30, 2022

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