Connect DME

Connect DME is a Durable Medical Equipment Company that provides transparency and lower cost for all of your DME spend. We work with TPA's and self-insured companies. Reducing cost for employers and patients while delivering direct to their homes.

What is Connect DME?

Connect DME is a durable medical equipment company. We consistently deliver higher value, lower cost, and better customer service, setting ourselves apart from today's industry standards. We adhere to principles of transparency. We also work with medical providers and support them, and we communicate directly with third-party administrators and self-insured companies. We excel in servicing our patients nationwide. As a centrally located company in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Connect DME is capable of executing direct-to-home deliveries in a timely manner, keeping the patient satisfied on their road to recovery. Chris, there's absolutely no PEPM, surcharges, or membership fees. Connect DME stands by our competitive pricing and provides value. If the value cannot be provided or executed, then the member sees no penalty to purchase the product locally or from a competitor. So it's a win-win for everyone.

How is Connect DME different?

We're a different DME company because we provide over 4,000 products, but we do it directly to the patient. We get a direct contract with self-insured, third-party administrators, and show them a considerable saving on all the products that we sell. We sell the majority of our products below Medicare allowable. CPAP, CPAP supplies, any type of bracing, walkers, knee scooters, nebulizers, breast pumps. We also do specialty products. We do diabetic supplies, ostomy supplies, and post-surgical supplies. Meaning, if a patient goes in and has a total knee, we can send them a bundled package to take care of all of their DME needs.

Who is a good fit for Connect DME?

Everyone's a good fit for Connect DME. Anyone that's looking to control their health care costs. One of our largest money-saving opportunities is the home sleep study. We've found that about 90% of patients needing a sleep study can qualify to do the home sleep study. This lowers the barrier to get a study in lab and saves the employer and employees money. We use a board-certified sleep physician to do these, and he can write a prescription for you if needed.

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Posted: Monday, February 28, 2022

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