Futuro Solido

Effective, results-oriented benefits education for Spanish-speaking employees, which includes translation, benefits Light Bulb videos, and much more.

What is Futuro Solido?

So Futuro Solido is a full-service communication partner for brokerages that need to communicate the value of benefits and how they work in languages other than English, primarily Spanish. Obviously, we offer written translation. We also offer an off-the-shelf series of benefits light bulb videos that illustrate tricky concepts for employees who are not so benefit savvy. We do open enrollment meetings, and we offer consulting around delivery strategies.

How is Futuro Solido different?

So love this question, Chris. We are so different. We specialize in the benefits space, and so we support you in the success of your message. This goes a long way beyond simply offering straightforward translation. We are there to protect you from mistakes, like referring to a domestic partner as a concubine. And yes, that happens. We have seen translated material that is telling employees that their qualified dependents includes their spouse, their children under 26, and their mistress. So you don't wanna do that and when you work with us, it won't happen. We also get Q4, the pressure you're under. And we're educators, we do more than put words into another language. We really want employees to get it and value and see why benefits are called benefits in the first place.

Who is a good fit for Futuro Solido?

So we work with brokerages of all sizes who serve groups of all sizes. We support brokers, a great fit for us is a broker who wants to differentiate, doesn't wanna risk their brand, and wants really to invest in engaging employees with out-of-the-box and effective communication strategies.

Duration: 02:13

Posted: Tuesday, February 22, 2022

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