Carepath Benefits

Carepath Benefits is a level-funded group health plan committed to lowering costs and increasing quality of care by focusing on restoring the doctor/patient connection. We provide employers with a high-performance model for healthcare savings.


What is Carepath Benefits?

Carepath Benefits is a program designed to bring large group, self-funded benefits to small and mid-sized employers. We're a level-funded group health plan, committed to lowering costs and increasing the quality of care by focusing on restoring the doctor-patient connection. We know that regular consistent care from a doctor who employees know and trust is one of the best paths to long-term cost savings. And, by strengthening the member and primary care physician relationship, along with guiding members to the most cost-effective facility for treatment, we are increasing the quality of care and lowering costs. We've built our plan benefits to address the key drivers which escalate healthcare costs and couple that with patient advocacy and member-focused customer service to impact long-term outcomes.

Hhow is Carepath Benefits different?

A few things we've heard from our groups that they really love and they tell us provides them a lot of value Chris are how we individually educate members of their choices on providers and how we help them find the most appropriate in-network provider. This includes imaging or rehab facilities along with ASCs and hospitals too. And our prescription pathway program, which is our innovative prescription drug management program where again, we individually assist members on sourcing high-cost prescriptions to help keep their costs low. Chris, we wanna be defined by our member-centric approach and our impeccable customer service. We wanna be a partner with our members to provide them the best benefits and keep them healthy as well if or when they do get sick be there to help them through it. Last, and certainly an important factor in any purchasing decision, our level-funded program helps employers stabilize their premium costs.

Who's a good fit for Carepath Benefits.

We are ideal for groups from two to 200 employees. We're a great fit for employers who are currently on a fully insured plan but wanna take back some control of their health spend. We're also an obvious solution for employers who have been self-funded or are on a level-funded plan in the past but are looking for another option. We have the traditional tried-and-true underwriting methods using health apps, but recently, we're proud to have added a simplified underwriting approach with our new rapid rates process. It allows us to underwrite groups with 10 or more lives using an abbreviated census. And we've seen some pretty good traction with the new method, pretty excited to continue to utilize it. So, if you're a sponsoring employer or group benefits broker, who's interested in incentivizing member savings in increasing the quality of care, Carepath Benefits may be right for you.

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Posted: Thursday, February 10, 2022

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