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What is ThreeFlow?

ThreeFlow is a first benefits placement system which is a new category of enterprise software in the employee benefits industry. We're leading the effort to help modernize the employee benefit industry and help really drive and build a better future for benefits. The benefits placement system is, fundamentally, a shared system and it supports the ability for brokers and carriers to work together more effectively during the renewal collection and full marketing events. At its core, ThreeFlow is three things: a system of record automating the workflow to build and illustrate a broker's book within our system, a system of action supporting the renewal collection and marketing events, and a system of intelligence operating and organizing the information together in real time, so that brokers and carriers can strategize more effectively together.

How is ThreeFlow different?

ThreeFlow's different in that we've seen substantial technology investment over the last number of years in employee benefits in the post sale process. This is shown up in the proliferation of ben admin systems, enrollment systems. What we've seen much less investment in, however, is in the presale part of the process. The part in where the brokers and employers are ultimately making the purchase decision about what benefits to offer to their employees. And this is decidedly a part of the journey that ThreeFlow and our benefits placement system supports. We're also not a point solution exclusively. We support the entire policy journey from placement all the way through renewal. And to execute that you must offer a system that really provides a couple key elements. It must be purpose built for the benefits business, it must leverage both technology and expertise, and lastly it must push the boundaries on what's possible by building system to system connection between broker systems, ThreeFlow, and carrier systems.

Who is a good fit for ThreeFlow?

Brokers who have clients that are over 50 lives. We can be most helpful if a broker has at least 20 clients that are over 50 lives. And we also really look for those brokers who know and are driving forward a better way to work and collaborate more deeply with their carrier partners. On the carrier side, we really drive to work with carriers who know that interoperability and intelligence will separate the big winners from the rest of the pack as we look forward.

Duration: 02:55

Posted: Tuesday, September 6, 2022

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