Samaritan Fund Program

We find alternative solutions other than the employer group plan for people with serious conditions, helping them in their time of need and saving the company the cost of their claims.


What is Samaritan Fund Program?

Samaritan Fund Program is both a risk mitigation tool, and an unmatched resource for employees. We give employees, specifically those struggling with high-cost health conditions, options outside of their group health plan by helping them find a plan that suits their individual needs, and connecting them with sponsorship from Samaritans, leaving them with little to no out-of-pocket costs for medical care. They receive this funding in the form of their own Samaritan Fund Program Visa debit card. This enables them to pay for care as they need it, rather than dealing with the hassle of submitting for reimbursements. This program impacts their lives when they need it the most. It gives them the peace of mind to heal. It's a win-win because the cost associated with their high claims exit the plan, leaving the employer with significant cost savings. Participants are also happier, because they are no longer burdened by their premiums, deductibles, and max out-of-pocket. It's simple to implement. A broker introduces their client to the program. When the client decides to move forward with offering our program to their employees, they send out a letter and our flyers letting their employees know of this new opportunity. From there, we do the rest. We reach out to the applicants, evaluating their situations, and determining who will qualify. There is no income requirement. This is based entirely on the types and severity of medical conditions that they're suffering with. We communicate with the broker and employer along the way, letting them know how many applicants we have received, and what types of cases qualify and why. Each participant has a dedicated implementation coordinator that walks them through the process to apply, gets set up, and is there for them along the way after their program starts.

How is Samaritan Fund Program different?

The program is different in three ways. First, there is no cost to implement. We only charge our fee if we're successful in finding an acceptable solution for qualified candidates. Second, our program truly makes a life-changing difference for employees. The feedback from our participants is positive and emotional. Third, our program is a proactive approach. At times, we can uncover high claims before they even happen. The ongoing partnership offers continuous savings, as participants with chronic conditions enjoy less stress and continue to participate.

Who is a good fit for Samaritan Fund Program?

Samaritan Fund Program is a good fit for groups with high-cost claims over $50,000, self-funded groups, forward-thinking fully insured groups, and we've also had lots of success with fully insured groups wanting to go self-funded.

Duration: 02:53

Posted: Wednesday, October 19, 2022

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