Employee health literacy trivia quizzes. Imagine Jeopardy-meets-health/health benefit education-meets-Comedy Central, carrying the Harvard Medical School logo...with 100% of our fees at risk for ROI!


What is Quizzify?

Imagine "Jeopardy" meets Health Education, meets "Comedy Central." It's a set of trivia quizzes all reviewed and stamped by Doctors at Harvard Medical School, where we are teaching that just because it's healthcare, doesn't mean it's good for you. Employees get absurd amounts of money to spend, unlimited budget with no training how to spend it. As a result, Americans are vastly more likely to be harmfully overtreated than undertreated.

How are you different?

We're different because we're going after excess care instead of trying to encourage employees to get more care. You have plenty of vendors doing that. So for instance, this is a sample question. How does the radiation in a CAT scan compare to the radiation in an x-ray? Well, it turns out it has a hundred to a thousand times as much radiation. Once employees know that, they stop demanding excess scans. And then we put this information in a handy-dandy we call a Quizzify To Go, that they can take with them to the doctor's office and have questions that they can ask while they're getting the treatment. So for instance, we just did CAT scans and if you click on CAT scans, you'll see that we have exactly the same questions to ask the doctor in the office that we just showed in one of the monthly quizzes that we give.

Who is a good fit?

Any organization between 100 employees and 300,000 employees that feels like it's spending too much money on healthcare. We get fairly immediate savings because it's vastly easier to convince people not to get care that they don't need than it is to convince them to eat more broccoli, lose weight, et cetera.

Duration: 02:08

Posted: Friday, September 24, 2021

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