Benefit Sculptor

Benefit Sculptor is a small group quoting intelligence tool. We help brokers close small group renewals faster and with more confidence. We give them the tools to be flexible in a conversation in order to respond to the questions that usually cause employers to drag their feet in making a decision.


What is Benefit Sculptor?

Benefit Sculptor is a tool to help small group health insurance brokers close our renewals faster. We do that by helping them get to the best decision quickly and clearly, and in a way that instills confidence in their clients and prospects.

How is Benefit Sculptor different?

Our primary differentiator comes from how our small group health plan information is reviewed and presented. We provide the market data for plans and prices in order to give brokers the total market view with every renewal and to do that with less work. With Benefit Sculptor, brokers receive information from the dashboard rather than spending their time compiling information into spreadsheets. The purpose behind it is to drive decision-making. So by leveraging the power of data and visualizations, brokers can quickly and easily boil the ocean in a way that makes sense to themselves and to their employer clients. In a typical renewal, a broker starts the discussion with their clients by viewing the entire market of plan options. So for example, in this scatterplot here where you see all of the market plans. Then by asking simple questions about their client's requirements for things like network, price, and plan design, they can quickly filter down to a smaller set of manageable and relevant health plan options. So by doing it this way, employers see how their requirements determine the results while their broker guides them as the trusted industry expert towards a quick and optimal decision.

Who is a good fit for Benefit Sculptor?

Benefit Sculptor is a good fit for brokers that do any small group business and those that prefer taking a consultative approach with their clients.

Duration: 02:07

Posted: Monday, November 29, 2021

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