Catalyst Coaching

Best-in-class, affordable, NBHWC certified Health, Wellness & Performance Coaching can now be plugged into any employee wellness program or services


What is Catalyst Coaching?

Catalyst is all about coaching health, wellness, and performance. It can be plugged in to any current employee wellness strategy, whether you're an employer or you're working with employers. And that word, catalyst, that's a fun word to remember. If you think back to high school chemistry, that's the thing that when nothing would happen, you added the catalyst and then things started to happen, and that's what we do. We create that lasting, meaningful change that you can plug into anything.

How is Catalyst Coaching different?

There's four primary aspects. Number one, nationally board-certified health and wellness coaches. Not everyone offers that. In fact, a lot of the coaching providers are more, have nice people in a call center using a script. That's not us. We use nationally board-certified health and wellness coaches, evidence-based methodologies. And we don't just tell people what to do; we help them make effective movement toward the goals that they have. Number two, critical relationship-based approach. We don't have some random connection. They have their own coach, and it's not limited to a nine-to-five schedule. If they need it early in the morning, evenings, or even weekends, it's available. Number three, no PEPM. Use and pay for the same thing. Don't write a check and then cross your fingers. And number four, we play great with others. If you're an employer, benefits consultant, provider, whatever, you can plug us into your program or your offerings essentially overnight, and have affordable, best-in-class coach in your toolbox, ready to roll.

Who's a good fit for Catalyst Coaching?

Macro-level, perfect fit for those groups I mentioned: Employers, benefits consultants, providers, such as employee wellness programs or EAPs. If you're looking for an easy and affordable way to improve your outcomes, that's what Catalyst is there for. On a micro level, our best-in-class coaching helps that single mom make some subtle changes to reduce her stress, improve the life for her kids. That middle-aged manager who's put on 30 pounds, the executive who wants to step up her game at work, or the person that's just overwhelmed and searching for meaning. We customize our approach so whatever you're looking for, we can provide. It's not a box-checking event, it's all about the unique journey.

Duration: 02:32

Posted: Monday, January 10, 2022

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